Business areas

Up to 2019, Deutsche Mikroapartment acquired value-add properties  and utilised a variety of asset and property management activities to enhance the value of apartment buildings and mixed-use residential and commercial buildings both technically and commercially. Those properties, developed by Deutsche Mikroapartment, are part of the own property portfolio being managed on a long-term basis.

From second half of 2019, redevelopment properties are no longer part of the business model. Deutsche Mikroapartment is focussed on the acquisition of properties providing good occupancy rates and stable rental cash flows.

Deutsche Mikroapartment primarily focuses on micro-apartments as the primary type of use.


The main target tenants for these properties are students, weekend commuters and singles. In regional terms, the company currently focuses on Central Hesse (Marburg and Gießen). With regard to efficient structures in property acquisition and property management, in 2019/2020 Deutsche Mikroapartment aims to make investments predominantly in the Federal State of Hesse and in neighbouring Federal States (inter alia in cities like Mainz or Mannheim).

Asset Management

In the area of asset management, we design strategies for individual properties and entire portfolios to enhance our real estate portfolio and increase its value.


Development of integrated property strategies (at individual property level) based on comprehensive due diligence


Portfolio management:

  • Optimisation of leases, management costs and receivables management
  • Active, efficient tenant management and communication
  • New lettings

In the event of an exit:

Optimisation of the time of sale and sales proceeds depending on the current status of the development and earnings of the property


Division, redevelopment and repositioning:

  • Division of larger apartments into micro-apartments
  • Conversion, if applicable
  • Layout optimisation
  • Repositioning on the market

Property management

Our operating activities primarily focus on managing our real estate portfolio. We place an emphasis on modern and enjoyable living concepts for our tenants. We also serve as a professional point of contact for all of our clients and tenants’ commercial and technical property management and letting enquiries.


Micro-apartments are small (approx 15-30 sqm) residential units that are usually furnished. Demand for this type of housing in Germany is higher than ever before. This is primarily due to the rising number of single-person households (41 per cent*), the high level of urbanisation in Germany (77 per cent) and an ever-increasing student population (in 2017/2018 there were approximately 2.8 million enrolled students in Germany, up 48 per cent compared to 2002/2003*).

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