DEMA Deutsche Mikroapartment AG plans raising equity – investment opportunity for qualified investors in real estate stocks

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Frankfurt, 27 August 2019 – DEMA Deutsche Mikroapartment AG ("DEMA") intends strengthening  of companies equity by the issue of new shares to qualified investors. By opening DEMA to new investors, DEMA underlines its capital market orientation, this after the company changed its legal form to a stock company (“AG”) early 2019. The intended equity raise comes along with the operational repositioning and the restructuring of companies balance sheet, started by CEO Hubert Bonn managing DEMA since May 2019.

Bonn has management experience of more than 20 years within the real estate sector. Bonn had previous professional stations within Deutsche Bank Group, Deutsche Wohnen and NorthWest Healthcare Properties.

Under the leadership of Bonn, DEMA has recorded an operational repositioning. Coming from an opportunistic value add approach, today DEMA is looking for already developed properties in the micro apartment sector being cash positive from the beginning. DEMA is a long-term asset manager working on raising portfolios market value. Key for DEMA is expanding the property portfolio to regions outside current investment focus being on the Marburg/Gießen area. Besides students, also singles and weekend commuters are target groups of DEMA within companies leasing activities. Former office properties and hotels are interesting for DEMA, also – this for conversion purposes.

DEMA intends to strengthen the liabilities side of companies balance sheet by adding additional equity. Hubert Bonn, CEO of DEMA: “The restructuring of our balance sheet together with our adjusted strategy are key priorities for us. As pure play within the microapartment sector, we are part of one of the most attractive and fastest growing niches of the real estate sector – but we act differently in realizing growth, this compared to much bigger peers. We invite investors to accompany DEMA´s development as shareholder. I am looking forward explaining all details to perspectives and risk/yield profile to interested investors.”

About DEMA Deutsche Mikroapartment AG

DEMA Deutsche Mikroapartment AG („DEMA“) is working on acquiring cash flow producing properties as well as property and asset management. DEMA is focussed on microapartments, located within residential as well as mixed residential/commercial properties. Today, DEMA´s property portfolio consists of 17 properties, this with a regional focus on the Marburg/Gießen area. Target groups in the leasing process are students, weekend commuters and singles. DEMA intends the expansion of the property portfolio into further German (student) cities. Offices of DEMA are in Marburg (registered office) and in Frankfurt.

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